GS Marine has accomplished ISO 9002:1994 certificate in July 2000, which
meets the requirements of the International Quality Assurance Management
Standard ISO 9000 Series. This marks another mile stone in our company
history and to enable us to accelerate our growth by establishing a
stronger foothold in the shipping industry.Presently, we are moving
otoward upgrading ur ISO standard to 9001:2000.
Our strength lies in the unique blend of experience and youth, dynamism
and vision,tradition and innovativeness. Our operations team consists of
very young and energetic boarding officers led by the experienced Operation
Manager and the MasterMariner is overseeing the operation.
Driven by tides of creativity and dedication, the Business Development team
always aims to provide the best services and commitment. We are very dynamic
and our company takes pride in being flexible and responsive to the unique
needs of each Principal. We are determined to deliver the best services, in
terms of competitive pricing, quality and timely delivery, which will enhance
our Principals in the most productive way.

Finance and accounting is a major concern to ensure an organization running

smoothly, thus this department isstaffed by qualified accountants with

considerable experience in marine finance. Disbursement report are presented

to our Principal with detailed and giving information on the vessel overall
Today, GS Marine Agencies' success lies not only in efficient and effective
operations, but also in the company's strong customer focus and dedication
to providing innovative solutions to customer needs. Delivering timely,
responsive and reliable service is a way of life at GS Marine, reinforced
through a commitment to continuous improvement.