A ship can only be run efficiently if its crew is well aware of the requirement
and workings of the vessel they are sailing on.Ship owner and ship manager
always place a great importance on crew manning as a crucial factor in the
safety and smooth sailing of a shipping operation.
Being your partner of crew manning, we give attentive consideration basis
vessel's trade and our experience with multi crew nationalities.GS Marine
will take care of hiring and training of the crew and can offer a top class
multinational office or crew listed as below for single nation or combination
at a very competitive rate:
• Filipinos
• Burmese
• Indonesia
• P.R.C.
• Eastern Block (Croatian, Georgian, Ukranian)
Our experienced marine personnel oversees the selection and recruitment process
for each vessel and supervises all matters relating to training,visas,
verification of crew certificate & documentation, travel and immigration
We believe in flexibility in our package to meet your requirement;package
tailored to your needs and ship's trading listed as below will be presented
to you upon request. A manning contract is executed between us and the
Principal in accord to model agreement of the Principal, when all details
such as ships crew complement, wage scale,and terms and conditions of service
for the crew are negotiated and mutually agreed.
1. Fully manned ship:
Fully manned by all officers and ratings including Master and Chief Engineer
or with Principal's Master and/or Chief Engineer appointed directly by
Principal. Monthly fixed manning fees are charged to the Principal,excluding
crew wages and direct expenses relating to the seamen who are for Client's
2. Lump sum basis:
A fixed all-in cost is charged as a monthly lump sum to cover all crew costs
and wages.
3. Partially manned ship:
To supply a number of Officers and seamen to complete the vessel's complement
with crew from another source as arranged by the Principal.